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Upgrade to the Veris Advantage

Optimize your front desk operations to give your guests the welcome they deserve

Enhanced efficiency

Save time for your employees & their guests through visitor pre-registration & tablet self-registration

Improve office security

With time-stamped records, verified phone numbers and a photo of each visitor

Lightning fast setup

Veris leverages the power of the cloud to minimize hardware requirements
Check Ins
Minutes saved

How it Works

The Veris ecosystem consists of the Veris Terminal that sits at your reception area for guests to check in, the Veris User apps for your employees and visitors for pre-registrations & superfast check ins, and the Veris Dashboard for your admin team to keep a bird’s eye view on visitor movement.

Veris Terminal

  • Self Service Kiosk

    DIY tablets enable guests to register themselves without having to wait for the receptionist

  • Super-fast Check-in

    Veris eliminates the mundane repetitiveness from visitor registration leading to faster check ins

  • Verify Mobile Number

    OTP based mobile number verification ensures that the mobile numbers being captured are authentic

  • Capture Pictures

    Veris terminals enable you to capture pictures of your visitors and store them securely with the visitor data in the Veris cloud

  • Print Badges

    Veris supports Brother QL-720 label printer for printing customized badges for your visitors

  • Custom Fields

    Customize the details you want your visitors to furnish through the custom fields feature
  • Your Branding and Theme

    Veris terminals are customizable to reflect your brand identity and create a positive first impression on your visitors

  • Host Notifications

    Instant SMS based notifications for the hosts when their visitors arrive and register themselves at the Veris terminal


Veris Dashboard

Real Time Dashboard

Get a live view of real time visitor movement at your premises with the Veris Dashboard

Manage All Locations

Get a bird’s eye view of visitor movement across multiple locations under one central dashboard

Emergency Notifications

Trigger SMS notifications to all hosts and visitors in case of an emergency

Compliance Reports

Generating compliance reports in desirable formants for admin and audit purposes made super easy

Veris Mobile App


Express visitor check-ins

QR code based digital ID in the Veris app enables you to check in at any Veris Terminal in a flash


Easy Pre-registration

Pre register your guests with just a few taps on the Veris app and send them automatic SMS based invites with GPS coordinates to your office


Digital Badge for Employees

The Veris app also doubles up as a digital ID for employees and can be used for verification in case of lost cards/events etc


Instant Notifications

Employees get instant notifications about the arrival of their visitors along with their photographs as in app notifications

Available on App Store and Google Play

Download the Veris App now & enjoy super fast check ins at all Veris terminals





Future is in the Cloud, it’s time to make the move

Businesses around the world are moving on from locally hosted solutions to Cloud based solutions, here’s why –


All your visitor data is securely stored in the cloud with regular backups, so you don’t have to worry about data loss in case of a disaster or hardware failure

Remote Setup & Assistance

No more waiting for installation & service teams to configure & troubleshoot your systems, all that can be managed remotely in the blink of an eye

Automatic Software Updates

All the latest updates for the Veris platform are directly pushed to your systems over the cloud, so you don’t ever have to worry about updating your systems manually again

Capex Light

Why pay for bulky servers and excess hardware when you can get an even better performance at a fraction of the cost

Environment Friendly

You only use the energy you need and minimize your carbon footprint, giving back your due to the environment

Anywhere Access

The Veris Cloud enables you to access your visitor data from anywhere, all you need is a working internet connection and your login credentials

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On Site Installation & Remote Installation Options

Video Trainings for Admin & Security staff

Live Chat, Email & Phone support

Minimal maintenance required vs On premise solutions

Instant access to new features

Best in class support

And the ability to do much more..

Along with offering our clients the best in class support, we at Veris enable you to achieve much more than just managing your visitors. Veris terminals can double up as employee registration counters in case of managing corporate events, where employees can enjoy paperless check ins with just a flash of their smartphones.